Matic rejoins Chelsea

The Serbian midfielder Nemanja Matic rejoined Chelsea and signed a five-and-a-half year contract.
Chelsea have confirmed they have re-signed Matic from Benfica but didn’t reveal  the transfer fee. The British media reports suggest that Chelsea have paid around £21 million to bring Matic back to Stanford Bridge.

The 25 years old midfielder declared that he is very happy to be back to the club where he spent three seasons.
In the previous spell  he was too young to impose into the first team but now he is confident that he can be an important player.

Jose Mourinho believes the same thing and he declared that his quality could prove to be decisive for Chelsea’s progress this season.
Nemanja Matic has started his football career at Red Star Belgrade youth  team and then he moved to Partizan. His senior debut was at Jedinstvo Ub in 2005 and two years later he signed for Kosice.

On 18 August 2009 Matic was transferred to Chelsea where he made just three substitute appearances. At the end of January 2011 Matic signed for Benfica as part of David Luiz deal. Matic has made 9 appearances for the Serbian national team.



Juventus remains the leader in ‘Series A’ with 7 points ahead of Napoli, but with a game more played.

In stage with the number 22 Juventus make a draw with Genoa, Genoa who try not to relegated.

Juventus opens first the score with F. Quagliarella’s success in the 54th minute assisted by S. Lichtsteiner. In minute 68, M. Borriello from Genoa assisted by J. Kucka equals.

Genoa remain bottom of the table with just 18 points, two points away from 17th place, a place that is saved from relegation.

Juventus: Buffon G., A. BARZAGLI, S. Lichtsteiner, L. Bonucci, P. De Ceglie, M. Cáceres, A. Vidal, C. Marchisio, P. Pogba, M. Vučinić, F. Quagliarella.
Substitutions: S. Giovinco for F. Quagliarella 69 ‘, E. Giaccherini for P. De Ceglie 73’, S. Beltrame for C. Marchisio 83 ‘.

Genoa: S. Frey, E. Moretti, T. Manfredini, A. Granqvist, L. Antonelli, E. Pisano, R. Olivera, Matuzalém, J. Kucka, A. Floro Flores, C. Immobile.
Substitutions: M. Borriello for C. Immobile 59 ‘, A. Bertolacci for R. Olivera 59’, M. Rossi for T. Manfredini 66 ‘.


English Premier League – The Best League in the World?

The increasingly popular Barclays Premier League has always been a hotspot for exciting football, bitter rivalries and plenty of controversy.

With cash-rich, foreign owners taking the helm at many of the top clubs including Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and QPR, the league has seen a steady cash injection in recent years, the likes of which can only be found at one or two other clubs in the world nowadays.

This investment in the EPL has seen huge expenditure on top-class talent at premium price tags such as Aguero, Torres, Van Persie, Dzeko, Oscar, Hazard, Kagawa and even Andy Carroll – to name but a few.

Has this improved the game? Many have argued against the influx of foreign owners, citing the demise of domestic talent as an unappealing consequence of such foreign investment. As new owners come in, they seek immediate improvement, which generally involves signing the cream of overseas talent.

The positive impact, however, is that the Premier League is now the world’s most exciting league – with viewers on each continent increasing in numbers each year, living rooms and bar rooms from Auckland to Zimbabwe are hooked on the unique buzz and excitement that comes with the unique brand of Premier League action.

What makes the action even more enjoyable is the ability to have a bet on your favorite team with a reliable online bookmaker. With a wide range of Premier League betting odds available online, punters can win real money on the outcome of their teams’ actions with many different markets to choose from such as first goalscorer, match betting and season outright betting.

So who do you fancy this year? The 2012/13 English Premier League is heating up, with Chelsea on top, a surprisingly strong Everton in second and the two Manchester clubs in third and fourth. A rejuvenated arsenal look a good bet to improve on last season and with Liverpool and Spurs undergoing some major reform, their transition into serious contenders may be just around the corner.

We’ll be watching every bit unfold each week, with the help of modern technology – iPhone, iPad, Android apps and huge TV and internet coverage to keep us in the loop, we won’ miss a kick, goal or dive as he world’s most exciting league unfolds.


Qualifiers World Cup 2014 in Brazil

Following the 2014 World Cup will be played in Brazil. Matches in Europe have already begun and the battle is fierce. Seats are limited and teams are fighting for the privilege of representing the country in the biggest football competition in the world.

After most teams have already played two matches already appearing in the charts group surprises. If Germany, Italy, Serbia, or even France, were not a surprise, Romania, Switzerland, Russia, Montenegro is a surprise being on first place, beating teams like Netherlands, Spain, England and Portugal.

It remains now to see which of these teams will compete in World Cup 2014 and who stay at home, one thing is sure, we are going to have part of a qualification highly disputed and a great show.


PokerRoom Returns to Prove Its Superiority Over Other Sites

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