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Barcelona and Milan finished in a draw

Last night, one of the most interesting games from Champions League was the one between Barcelona and AC Milan. It was a meeting of two motivated teams, with high expectations but which ended with a draw, score 2-2.

The game has a blowing start with Pato’s goal in the first minute that shake Camp Nou. Barcelona didn’t settled with this and then Pedro in the 34’ and Villa in the 50’ which put them in the lead. A situation that no one expected and that confirmed once again that a game is over only after the final whistle, Thiago Silva scored in the 90+1 making a draw for Milan.

We made ​​a good game, we played well, but it cost us as we entered in the field with too much confidence. We need to be grounded and pay attention to details.  Fans have nothing to worry about. This draw leaves a bitter taste, but we’ll sweeten the situation with some victories. I trust my team that we’ll continue to achieve beautiful things! ” said Pep Guardiola, Barcelona’s manager.

Bad news keep on coming for Barcelona, with the injury of Iniesta in the 39’. He has a tear in the femoral biceps of the left foot and could be out for more than a month. The midfielder will be under a deeper investigation to find out exactly extent of injury.


Fabregas on heat list

Cesc Fabregas seems to be the hottest name on the transfers list. Barcelona’s offer of 36 million is very close to being exceeded. The new sum comes around on 41 million euro, an offer from a big club in Europe. AC Milan is ready to make a bid for Fabregas far superior to that of Barcelona.

Italians will provide 41 million euros (£ 35millions) for Arsenals captain, an amount very close to the one Arsenal asks for the player.

AC Milan’s interest is a serious one and the only hesitation of Fabregas in terms of transfer to Barca has always been the matter regarding a secure place in the first 11. At Milan, would not question especially after Pirlo’s departure to Juventus.

Fabregas is in the middle of a war between Arsenal and Barca, negotiations got Arsene Wenger very frustrated and not knowing if he can count on the player next season.

A close person to AC Milan said: “We watched closely the situation and we would be delighted if Fabregas will come here. And, of course, if the team will have the money to do seal the deal.”


Ibrahimovic, out for AC Milan

AC Milan striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, was eliminated in the match against Fiorentina, 2-1 for the Rossoneri, after insulting a referee – assistant and suspended three stages.

“I’ve launched insults in Italian, but I cursed myself, then I talked in my native language. I was annoyed because I lost the ball. I apologize. I was focused, calm, but this may. I left without a comment. The referee made a choice, I challenged it, maybe I watching him, but with no intention. “said Ibrahimovic.

Warned in the 77th minute for a foul, he insulted the assistant and ten minutes later received a red card. It took three rounds of suspension in the following reasoning: a stage to the actual card, second for two red cards in a row and the third because he swore at the referee.

I regret what happened… But I feel good, I want to do everything to win. Now we must go on. Next time I’ll keep my mouth. “ finished Ibrahimovic.

AC Milan announced that they will make an appeal to the Federation against the decision made.


AC Milan on a killin’ spread!

In the ‘Derby della Madonnina “AC Milan defeated Inter, score 3-0. The Brazilian Pato scored the game’s first two goals in 1st and 62 minutes and Antonio Cassano closed the table with a last minute penalty.

Adriano Galliani(AC Milan): “It was a splendid game. The international break came at a good time for us. I’m not surprised by our performance though, because yesterday and the day before I saw the players train with great intensity. I’ve rarely seen such intense sessions.”

“We had a strong start to the game, we were ruthless and managed to surprise them with that early goal. We still haven’t won anything, but Inter have to make up for the six points lost against us in the two derbies of the season.”

Leonardo (Inter): ”I tried to get back in the game and hope for a better second half, but the elimination of Cristi Chivu has diminished our chances to recover the difference from the table, there was virtually decided the match. We struggled to completion and we had no spaces. We moved too little land.
Now we must think on the Champions League game with Schalke.”

AC Milan: Abbiati , Abate, Nesta, Thiago Silva, Zambrotta, Gattuso, Van Bommel, Seedorf, Boateng, Pato, Robinho.
Substitutes: Amelia, Yepes, Antonini, Emanuelson, Flamini, Cassano, Sokratis

Inter: Julio Cesar , Maicon, Ranocchia, Chivu, Zanetti, Motta, Cambiasso, Sneijder ,Pandev, Pazzini, Eto’o.
Substitutes: Castelazzi, Materazzi, Cordoba, Nagatomo, Kharja, Stankovici, Milito

AC Milan is now 5 points ahead Inter, with only seven rounds before the end of this season.


Milan out!

A game with a lot of expectations for Milan turned them from favorites to losers. With confidence and great names on their side, the Italians took it like an easy job, enter – play – victory.

Straight from the beginning, the Rossoneri started to attack in waves Spurs ground, hit after hit, with the hope in mind to find a breach in their defensive.

Led by Seedorf, the Italian army struggled to succeed in its conquest but without any luck on their side.
Robinho tried the pitch with a few hits but nothing passed through Tottenham’s “Chinese Wall”
A game that was sure to provide spectacle, done exact the opposite.

The second period was a little bit more agitated, a rain of occasions on both sides and yet, the goal was nowhere to be seen.
The game ended in tears for some of the Milan players, unsuccess of qualifying in the next round of UEFA Champions League, place took by Tottenham Hotspur.