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Perez about Murinho

Hate by many, envied by a lot of peoples, liked by the ones that matter. The man I am talking about is Real Madrid manager, Jose Murinho. The media was writing a lot of times of the argues between the Portuguese coach and the directing board of Real. All that are wiped now by Florentino Perez declaration.

Perez still considers Murinho the best coach in the world. To support this, he made a brief characterization of his performance at the club, putting on paper only the positive achievements, although it is obvious that the major failures are the trophies lost to Barcelona.


-Murinho managed to understand what it means to be coach of Real Madrid;

-he empathizes well with the club atmosphere and with the history of this team;

-he understood that sometimes you have to make compromises for the good of the team;

-he managed to lead Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-final, last reached in 2003;

-we gathered the most points in Champions League groups and had the best goal average;

-he managed to reorganize the club structure in order to bring peace between players and board.

With so much appreciation and support from the club, Murinho has to prove this year that he really is the best coach in the world and not only for the board.


Real fighting with injuries

Bad news are coming for Real Madrid. After the first defeat of this season and with just one point behind Barcelona, Murinho has to deal now with the injuries of two of his players. Things couldn’t be worse considering that Barcelona blown the charts in their last game making 8-0 with Osasuna.

Jose Murinho sees himself in a difficult situation, first from this season. In the last game lost against Levante with 0-1, Real lost Khedira who was eliminated and another two players after injuries. Pepe and Coentrao won’t be available for Murinho at least for 10 days, both suffering of a tie injury.

After this game the injuries list for Real adds two more, after some old ones like Nuri Sahin and Hamit Altintop. This thing makes it difficult for Murinho to assemble the right team for their next games.

Real Madrid have in their schedule a game with Real Sociedad and with Rayo Vallecano in Primera Division, followed right after by the Champions League fixture against Ajax Amsterdam. Though Champions League is important, they have to focus on the Primera Division because if Barcelona puts a gap between them, they will be very hard to catch.


Real Madrid found the way

Real Madrid started great a new season, defeating with the score of 6-0 a scared Real Zaragoza, in a match counting for the second stage of the championship of Spain. It was the first match of the new Primera Division season, the first stage being rescheduled due to a strike of football players.

To win, you have to play well. When we play well, we win. The difference between Real and Barcelona is that Barcelona is wining even when they are playing badly. I don’t think that this fact will change this season. They say many lies about me, but that is part of the game.” said Murinho.

The goals were scored by Cristiano Ronaldo 23, 70, 86, Marcelo 28, Xabi Alonso 63 and Kaka 81. Real’s great rivals, FC Barcelona will play tonight with Villarreal.

Many ask me why didn’t I left this summer, although I had the chance. For here is a unique experience and is undoubtedly the most important club in the world. I feel I’m in the right place. I would not change that for nothing.” continued Jose Murinho.

Zaragoza: Roberto; Juárez, Da Silva, Meira, Paredes, Ponzio, Pablo Barrera, Zuculini, Abraham, Lafita, Uche.

R. Madrid: Casillas; Sergio Ramos, Pepe, Carvalho, Marcelo, Di María, Xabi Alonso, Coentrao, Ozil, Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema.


Murinho blames Casillias

On a time when good results stop to appear for Real Madrid, Jose Murinho is haunting for heads. His first victim seems to be Real’s goalkeeper, Iker Casillias. All these started after they lost the Spanish Super Cup against their old time rivals, FC Barcelona.

Mourinho was upset about Casillas lack of action in the Super Cup with Barcelona, especially in the tense moments at the end of the return game.

According to the press in Spain, Mourinho would seen Casillas’s moments of weakness, a thing that frustrated the Portuguese coach.

This wouldn’t be the first time when Casillas got into his coach bad eyes. Last year, Mourinho even wanted to take his captain armband, after some consecutive mistakes done during the championship.

Once again, Murinho shows that he is a coach very hard to satisfy. The only questions remaining are that Murinho is searching for guilty persons for the latest failures? Does he feel that his position is threatened? A club like Real Madrid which invested a lot in transferring new players, wants positive results for their investment and for now, they didn’t got any.


Murinho does magic

Some actors from the football stage make everything to look so easy. One of those, a wizard when it comes to football, strategies and player movement, Jose Murinho managed “to pull another rabbit from the hat”.

Real’s coach convinced Radamel Falcao to refuse a 5,7 million euros per season offer from Chelsea just so he could arrange a move to Real Madrid in 2012. The agreement between the Colombian striker and the Spanish club seems to have been initialed in mid-July and a deal has been approved and by FC Porto officials.

Radamel Falcao García Zárate was born on 10 February 1986. He is a Colombian football forward who currently plays for Porto. He is a natural goalscorer being considered one of the best forwards in the world.

The Columbian player had an exceptional season, managed to break the record of Jurgen Klinsmann for goals in European Cups, managing 17 goals in Champions League.

An asset like this is a very well planned future for the Spanish club and this shows once again the difference between a good coach and a phenomenal one. It’s just Murinho’s challenge to out beat himself.