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Alcantara will play for Napoli

Although with a humiliating loss, Napoli did not go in vain to the match which presented the lot of Barcelona for 2011-2012 season. Italian bosses struck a deal for a midfielder from Spain’s champions.

The two clubs reached an understanding to a loan for Barcelona’s young player, Thiago Alcantara. He has no chance to catch the team after coming of Cesc Fabregas, despite the fact that it was the best man of Catalans in preparation and this move to Italy looks like the best place for Alcantara’s talent.

Thiago Alcantara is the son of a Brazilian world champion, but was born in Italy and has passport and has an Italian passport. The loan is expected to formalize the following days. Napoli and Barcelona negotiated this loan on Monday night after the presentation match of the Catalans.

Napoli is awaiting now the start of the new season. The first game is set on Sunday with Genoa, a match awaited with confidence after their last meeting ended with a 1-0 victory for them. Even overall, they are in front with 22 victories and 65 goals scored.


Thiago Alcántara, from outsider to star

In these times when each team was fighting for the best player, Barcelona got up from it bed before to late. Few expected that 2 months ago the Spanish-Brazilian Thiago Alcantara will reach to be a strong player in Spanish national team.

Thiago Alcántara was born in San Pietro Vernotico, Italy and grew up in Spain. His father is former Brazilian World Cup winner Mazinho. He started at the lower levels of Flamengo and at the age of 5 he moved to Spain with his father, and started playing with Galician team Ureca. He returned to Flamengo aged 10 and, in 2005, once again moved back to Spain, to play for Barcelona.

Placed on the transfer list of Barcelona, Thiago chose to sign another contract to perform under the same colors the next season.

After a series of successes in friendly games where he scored 4 goals for the Catalans, Thiago will be called by Vicente del Bosque to play for Spain’s team in the friendly game with Italy.

The match will take place on August 10 in Bari, while Del Bosque said: “I cannot get over the good form of Thiago! I’ll call him to perform for the big team” after he went through all representative lots of Spain.


Fabregas at Barca, finally!?

Could it really be true? The rumors say that after a lot of long and hard negotiations, the Fabregas at Barcelona soap opera is almost to the end.

Arsenal is ready to let Fabregas to go to Barcelona but they want in return to receive 36 million euros, which is just last offer of Catalans, plus Thiago Alcantara!

The only thing is that the transfer will be up only with the condition that Alcantara will be part of this understanding. The media from UK reported that Barca’s vice president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, was in London to negotiate the transfer and put an end to all this theatre.

Arsenal is evaluating Fabregas around 45 million but are they are willing to accept a smaller amount as long as the Catalans offer includes Alcantara in the package.

The ball is now in Barcelona’s courtyard now and Guardiola must decide if he’ll let go of the international Spanish U21 which he said is part of his plans for the next season.

But after all, will this transfer do any good for Fabregas? Can Barcelona, and better said, Guardiola shape more from this diamond? Keep close!