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Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo

At the moment of speaking, the football is build around two players: Messi from Barcelona and Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid. The rivalry between those two was present in any challenge, from the best player to the best scorer. But time have changed and one of them admits that the other one is better.

Messi has his personality, I have my personality. He has a certain style of play, I have another.  I play for a big club, he does it too. We are different in too many ways. At this point, he is the best.” said Cristiano Ronaldo.

But the battle is not over yet. Real Madrid is prepared for a year that would bring them all the trophies, at least that’s what they hope.

Ronaldo continued: “Real Madrid is the best club in the world and because of that there is a lot of envy! However, I feel that this will be a big year for all of us. There is no point in talkingabout what happened last year in the Champions League semifinals. We were removed unjustly, but we must live with it.”

This battle can only be a joyful moment, because in this way we know that we’ll have a quality football for obtaining the supreme title for a player: best player of the year!


Cristiano Ronaldo=scouter?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s new hobby is to engage more in the transfer plans of Real Madrid, making lobby for a player who already said that he is anti-Barcelona.

The Portuguese player wants to bring a national fellow at Real Madrid. The man in cause is coming from Benfica, defender Fabio Coentrao.
He is seen as a new sensation of Portuguese football, reaching the semifinals of the League this year in Europe, one of the best players from Benfica.

“He’s very strong and can play multiple positions. It is one of the best players in the world, ” Ronaldo told Spanish press. The amount of money which Benfica requires for the player is round about 30 million.

Neither Coentrao is no stranger to such statements, saying last week: “I want to play for Real Madrid which is the best club in the world.”

Real Madrid is preparing for the tournament in China in August. Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaká, Xabi Alonso and Mourinho have learned Chinese to promote their games.

All remain to say is that the next season in Primera Division won’t be an easy one for Barcelona because Real wants payback.


Cristiano Ronaldo

Let’s talk about a player, one of the wonder players in the world.

Cristiano Ronaldo‘s treble against Getafe was his fourth hat-trick of the season and his fifth since joining Real Madrid. The forward, who also has seven braces to his name this year, has 13 multi-goal performances in the 26 matches he has scored in. What’s more, he is the first player in the history of La Liga to score three or more goals six times in one season. Romario and Langara shared the record of five.

Ronaldo has played in 52 matches this year (32 in La Liga, 12 in UCL and 8 in Copa) and scored in 26 of them, for an average of one goal every two matches. But CR7 doesn’t settle once he has found the back of the net. Quite the opposite in fact. Thirteen of the 26 matches he has scored in have been multi-goal performances.

Real Madrid’s forward is sitting on 49 goals this season and 82 since arriving in the Spanish capital in the summer of 2009. Twenty-two times over the last two seasons, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored more than one goal in a match (15 braces, 5 hat-tricks and two four-plus goal performances). He has scored in an astounding 49 of the 87 matches (56.3%) played for Real Madrid.

With 235 total goals as a professional footballer, Ronaldo is on the verge of earning his second Golden Boot, his first Pichichi trophy (top scorer in La Liga) and equalling or breaking the 38-goal record for goals in a season set by Zarra and Hugo Sanchez..


Real without Murinho?

Being criticized for his defensive tactics, Jose Mourinho could be replaced by Real after he missed the Champions League final.

Former national team coach of Chile, Marcelo Bielsa, is one of the candidates to replace Jose Mourinho at Real Madrid! Real bosses are thinking seriously to get rid of Mourinho after the elimination from the Champions League and loss the title in Spain.

After the last El Clasico, Real’s bosses are not the only upsets. Cristiano Ronaldo opened his mouth after a lot of fury accumulated: “Macherano was not like that when playing at Liverpool, did not know was fake. Perhaps he learned this trick in Barcelona. annulled the goal that we have had nothing irregular in it. Too bad, because the game could be quite different if his point Higuain should be counted “.
“Those who know football know that Barcelona is a team protected. You have to live with this injustice. What happens is not good for football!”

But the result was possible only with a great effort. Barcelona ran 103,d kilometers in 90 minutes after UEFA statistics, that’s 69 km an hour. Real Madrid ran about a kilometer less than Barcelona, with 102.23 km.