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Murinho, angel and demon

Starting every time like a game from another galaxy, the last El Clasico brought shame on the field for both team regardless the result. The war between Real Madrid and Barcelona is well known but this year it took a wrong turn.

Real Madrid coach is destroyed after everything he did at the Nou Camp on Wednesday. Portugal has put his finger in the eye of Guardiola’s second, humiliating him and then saying he did not know who’s “Pito, Tito that!” and continued by doing signs to Messi and Alves that they smell bad.

The papers from Spain write that Mourinho complained to his family and to close ones about him, about his behaviour, telling them that he feels very bad because the image that remained after the last El Clasico it’s not one to remember.

In this scandal it’s not involved just Murinho because when is war, you have at least two opponents. So on the other side, Messi did not stop just at “shush” to Murinho in the match against Real. Barcelona star would spit at Mourinho and colleagues on the bench, every time he approached the guests bank from Madrid.


El Clasico, final battle

The no. 4 of El Clasico of this year is made to happen tonight. Barcelona faces another time his fearless opponent, Real Madrid in a battle of life and death. After the 2-0 in the first leg, Barcelona looks like favorite but you cannot underestimate Murinho’s tactics.

The two teams are taking this battle in on all plans. A statistic shows that even on Facebook, Barcelona is the most loved team with 13.984.000, followed by Manchester United with 12.931.000 and on the third place today’s opponents, Real Madrid with 12.841.000 .

To put some gas on fire, Catalan club’s officials have refused to give Jose Mourinho a VIP lodge separate from the rest of the stadium. Considering this fact, Murinho could watch the game from his hotel room.

Probably the worst nightmare for a coach is the moment when his own players admire the opponents. In this case, Karim Benzema said: “I’m always inspired by Brazilian Ronaldo. But it’s true, for me, Messi is the best player in the world today. I can’t see someone do what he does. I love this player”.

Possible teams:
Barcelona: Valdes, Alves, Mascherano, Pique, Puyol, Xavi, Busquets, Iniesta, Pedro, Messi, Villa

Real Madrid: Casillas, Arbeloa, Albiol, Carvalho, Marcelo, Diarra, x.Alonso, Ronaldo, Ozil, Di Maria, Adebayor

Ready for the game? Stay close!


Murinho, war with referees

Jose Murinho has another duel and this time is off the field. He managed to put all referees against him after the 3rd episode of El Clasico, both referees from Primera and Segunda Division, after Pepe’s elimination phase, after his foul on Alves.

“It is clear that there was red card foul, there is no doubt.” said absolutely all the referees who have spent two days together preparing the details for the last five league matches.

Being suspended for the return leg on the Camp Nou, Mourinho will not be able to sit on the bench for the last episode of El Clasico. He will have to ask a VIP place at the Camp Nou to watch the match. The only problem is that it’s not free! Barcelona is renting a VIP lodge with 20,000 euros in such matches.

Esteve Calzada, former marketing officer at Barcelona, said that Barcelona has to give up to 20,000 euros to welcome Mourinho as a VIP guest.

The Portuguese coach will always be guarded by two bodyguards starting after he arrives in Barcelona. The Catalan police will use an army of men to guard the Real’s coach, no. 1 enemy of Barcelona.


Real Madrid dreaming for succes

Although pretty far in Primera Division from Barcelona, Real wants to keep its flag up high against their old time rival. After 1-1 in the Primera and 1-0 in King’s Cup, Murinho’s team hopes for succes against Barcelona, the team with the best possession in the world!

One of Real’s stars, Cristiano Ronaldo commented:
“Let’s stay grounded after winning the Cup and start to prepare the Champions League double with Barcelona”.
“We have demonstrated that possession does not automatically win trophies. I had a positive attitude and mentality, I knew what to do. We are very united and that is our weapon.”

Despite the good form shoed by the galactics, they’ve been “hit” after Sami Khedira injured his thigh in Cup final and has almost minimal chances to catch the “double” from the League with Barcelona. The midfielder is treated in Munich to return as soon as possible in the ground.

The next stage from UEFA Champions League against Barcelona, the third meeting between the two teams in 3 weeks is set on the 27th April on Bernabeu Stadium.


El clasico, a well deserved draw

What was the most expected game of the Primera Division happened yesterday. The duel between Barcelona and Real Madrid promised a spectacle. But like in football with a round ball in the centre of action, the end of the game turned into a draw, a 1-1 score and with the 49th goal of the season for Messi who breaks another record.

Guardiola: “I think it’s a good result, considering we played with a great team. We are satisfied. Anything could happen in this game. We could lose. We have eight points more and a better goal difference, with six stages before the final.”

Murinho: “All my men did a good job. We moved our lines further back tonight in order to play a more straightforward game. Adebayor provided the speed and depth in counterattack we needed. We managed to draw and nearly won the match thanks to hard work and the support of a fantastic crowd. We must accept the draw given the circumstances that arose in the game.”

Barcelona’s players were unhappy of the conditions on Bernabeu:
The field was good, but the grass was too big, too high. But at home they can do what they want.” Puyol said.

The first from the 4 matches ended. Three more are to come, stay tuned.