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And again Neymar

Neymar has only 19 years and his plans regarding his career are big. He refused to go to Real this summer, although he was wanted by the Galactics. The offer from Real Madrid for him was around 45million euro, but he preferred to stay at Santos for a little bit longer.

I feel that is not the right moment to leave, I want to be near my family and friends. I feel honored by Real’s offer, but for now, my family is the most important to me and I want to stay close to them.” said Neymar who recently become dad.

Waiting for the right moment could bring him even more money but with the condition to keep the same shape in game, as there seems that Barcelona is interested in the player.

Put in the instance of choosing between Real and Barcelona Neymar said: “It’s hard to say, you make me choose between Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, but I want  to play with both on the same team. I do not know how, but we would make a fantastic team.

Latest rumors say that signed with Barcelona and will play for them starting with the next season. True or false, only time will tell, but what we know for sure is that he is the key player for Santos in this season.


Neymar amazes again

It seems that all came to an end in the case of one of the most wanted player this summer, the brasilian Neymar.

Neymar is sure that he’ll have offers from clubs from major countries in Europe even after half a year, when he says that will take into account the separation of Santos.

Until then, the Brazilian wonder kid does not think in migrating to either Barca or Real. He just wants to play as well for its present team and wants to impress on the national team matches.

Barcelona and Real Madrid are not my big issues right now for, I’m not interested. I have already said everything I had to say on this subject, everyone knows what I will do from now” said Neymar.

In a interview on FIFA’s website, the Brazilian has shocked Real fans, a player log expected to play for Real late in the winter. “Barcelona is the best team in the world, and has the best player in the world” was Neymar’s words.

So after all the fights neither Barca or Real got the black pearl. Only time will tell what will be the club that will take advantage of player’s high skills.


Neymar can chose

Many people began to ask if he is that of a good player when all these clubs are fighting for him. Neymar went from an unknown to the most desired star. A player that caught two of the best clubs in his net and plays with them like with two balls.

Adriano, Barcelona’s defender and colleague at the same time at the national team of Brazil with Neymar, said in a press conference that he spoke with him during a workout about Real and Barca and about the fact that he is wanted in the lot.

“ I talked to Neymar during training. I wonder who will choose between Barcelona and Real and told me he did not know yet, and anyway he can’t tell anyone. A move at Barcelona would be a nice transfer” said Adriano.

Neymar is very close to Real, the press in Spain has wrote in the past weeks about a transfer of 45 million, but the Brazilian player wants to come to Spain only in January, which doesn’t seems to please Mourinho.

A player worth that amount of money must be used during the entire season. And now, Neymar isn’t able to deliver.


Santos delivers

Founded on April 14, 1912, by the initiative of three sports enthusiasts from Santos by the names of Raimundo Marques, Mário Ferraz de Campos, and Argemiro de Souza Júnior, the club has become a symbol of The beautiful game in football culture.

Neymar and Ganso will bring to the club at least 90 million when they go to Europe. Even if the striker wanted by Mourinho’s club is blocked at least until winter, they have another star rising.

Ganso is still a good chance to transfer now. PSG has made an offer of 40 million euros after a month passed since their last refusal of 30 million. The most important competitor of PSG will be AC Milan, which now seems the first choice of the “new Kaka” of Brasil.

Paulo Henrique Ganso, 21, played in 2008 for the first team of Santos, which has scored 8 goals in 45 matches. Ganso has five matches in the national team.

Santos is the most successful club in the Brasileiro, alongside Palmeiras, and was voted by FIFA as the 5th most successful football club of the 20th century. If these two transfers will be sealed, another 2 pearls will migrate to Europe.


Barca and Real at war

Last days have been very interesting for the new “pearl” of Brazil, Neymar, after he set the fuse and started a new war between Spain’s biggest teams, Barcelona and Real Madrid.

It was rumored a few days ago that Real Madrid would have an understanding with Carioca’s striker, a deal after which Santos will receive 45 million euros plus a loan of Neymar in 2012 season.

Catalans have remained impassive in Real offers and decided it is time to act: they made the same offer plus 5 million.

The interesting thing is that the supply of 50 million euros will be honored as soon as accepted by the leadership of Santos, Barcelona wanting only that the public to know that any offer of Real for Neymar could always be beaten.

Club which owns Neymar at the moment won’t stay relaxed about the situation, and after coming back from Copa America, the leaders will offer a new contract, thus trying to force up the price of striker and force the two clubs from Spain to open their pockets even more.

Is he that a good of a player or Barcelona wants to strike in Jose Murinho’s ego?