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Barcelona takes Fabregas, finally

It looks that Barcelona’s prayers have a positive effect. After long negotiation, Fabregas and Nasri have green lights. Arsene Wenger should receive 60 mill pounds after deciding that he is prepared to sell Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri.

Barcelona returned yesterday with a new offer for Fabregas that, including add-ons, is worth around 35 mill pounds. They hoped for more, but there is a feeling on both sides that one of the longgest running transfer soap-opera is finally coming to a stop.
The other player in talking, Samir Nasri is very close in signing with Manchester City.

If the transfer will be on, Arsenal would get for their player around 23 mil pounds. The chances for Nasri departure are very high because he is in the last year of contract and if they won’t sell him now, next year Nasri could go for free.

Althoug these looks like a good deal financially speaking, won’t this affect the results? Former Manchester United defender, Gary Neville said: “If they lose Fabregas and Nasri, will they finish in top four? If they lose those players and don’t replace them I would be incredibly surprised to achieve that!“.


Premier League 2011-2012

With just one week before the 2011 – 2012 season of Premier League will start, the teams are testing players, finalize transfers and make their battle plan for the competition.

Chelsea’s new manager is on fire. He managed the third transfer of the summer. After Oriol Romeu (19 years) and Thibaut Courtois (18), Londoners have got to a deal with Romelu Lukaku Belgian (18) from Anderlecht.

The Striker gave 33 goals in 73 games for Anderlecht and already has 10 national selections in Belgium. Chelsea announced on its official site that Lukaku will support the medical tests and will sign the official contract early next week.

According to British media, the transfer of Lukaku will cost Abramovich about 25 million. The Belgian kid is compared to Drogba because of his style and was mentioned by a British magazine like the best young player in the world at his age category.

With all these acquisitions the Blues have to make a good figure this year in Premier League. But they are not the only ones. Manchester United and Manchester City have a very good chance this year also and, we can’t forget The Gunners.


Fabregas on heat list

Cesc Fabregas seems to be the hottest name on the transfers list. Barcelona’s offer of 36 million is very close to being exceeded. The new sum comes around on 41 million euro, an offer from a big club in Europe. AC Milan is ready to make a bid for Fabregas far superior to that of Barcelona.

Italians will provide 41 million euros (£ 35millions) for Arsenals captain, an amount very close to the one Arsenal asks for the player.

AC Milan’s interest is a serious one and the only hesitation of Fabregas in terms of transfer to Barca has always been the matter regarding a secure place in the first 11. At Milan, would not question especially after Pirlo’s departure to Juventus.

Fabregas is in the middle of a war between Arsenal and Barca, negotiations got Arsene Wenger very frustrated and not knowing if he can count on the player next season.

A close person to AC Milan said: “We watched closely the situation and we would be delighted if Fabregas will come here. And, of course, if the team will have the money to do seal the deal.”


Fabregas at Barca, finally!?

Could it really be true? The rumors say that after a lot of long and hard negotiations, the Fabregas at Barcelona soap opera is almost to the end.

Arsenal is ready to let Fabregas to go to Barcelona but they want in return to receive 36 million euros, which is just last offer of Catalans, plus Thiago Alcantara!

The only thing is that the transfer will be up only with the condition that Alcantara will be part of this understanding. The media from UK reported that Barca’s vice president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, was in London to negotiate the transfer and put an end to all this theatre.

Arsenal is evaluating Fabregas around 45 million but are they are willing to accept a smaller amount as long as the Catalans offer includes Alcantara in the package.

The ball is now in Barcelona’s courtyard now and Guardiola must decide if he’ll let go of the international Spanish U21 which he said is part of his plans for the next season.

But after all, will this transfer do any good for Fabregas? Can Barcelona, and better said, Guardiola shape more from this diamond? Keep close!


Fabregas wanted badly!

What first started like a simple business, turned into a real TV serial, with the actors in role: Barcelona, Arsenal and Fabregas. But now, new actors want in!

Fabregas’s transfer to Barcelona has become a target for the whole city. Even a mayor is involved in the business trying to change Arsenal’s mind. Arsenal is accused that keeps Fabregas like a hostage. And the accuser is Estanislau Fors, mayor of Arenys de Mar, the birthplace of Fabregas.

We all want Fabregas to return to Barcelona because he lives in what is now called kidnapping! If Arsenal are those of the English gentleman should stop with such behavior. Must cease to be clowns because their behavior disorients all! “Fors said.

Arsenal refused an offer of 41 million euros for the midfielder although he made his intentions clear, that he really wants to go to Europe’s champions, Barcelona.

Cesc Fabregas signed with Arsenal in September 2003 at the age of 16. Following injuries to key midfielders in the 2004–05 season, he established himself as Arsenal’s starting central midfielder and playmaker. After 8 years he wants back home.