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Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo

At the moment of speaking, the football is build around two players: Messi from Barcelona and Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid. The rivalry between those two was present in any challenge, from the best player to the best scorer. But time have changed and one of them admits that the other one is better.

Messi has his personality, I have my personality. He has a certain style of play, I have another.  I play for a big club, he does it too. We are different in too many ways. At this point, he is the best.” said Cristiano Ronaldo.

But the battle is not over yet. Real Madrid is prepared for a year that would bring them all the trophies, at least that’s what they hope.

Ronaldo continued: “Real Madrid is the best club in the world and because of that there is a lot of envy! However, I feel that this will be a big year for all of us. There is no point in talkingabout what happened last year in the Champions League semifinals. We were removed unjustly, but we must live with it.”

This battle can only be a joyful moment, because in this way we know that we’ll have a quality football for obtaining the supreme title for a player: best player of the year!


Kaka, lost on Real’s bench

Time flies and stars lose their ability to shine. A star of Real Madrid is passing through the darkest period of his career. Nobody wants him on the team, but management refuses to sell it. I am talking here about an exquisite player, another Brazilian product, Kaka.

Kaka played just a third of the minutes played of Real Madrid this summer, and Mourinho has left to understand that he does not need him this season. Spanish media writes about him being “is a reserve for the reserves”, a former Golden Ball player that entered in a black hole of his career, a deep one from he is struggle to get out.

Injuries often kept him away from the field, and now he is no longer an option for the first team. But the Brazilian nightmare doesn’t stop here. Mourinho says he is free to leave, but management refuses to let him go. Real’s president names him as the second most important name from his new mandate and that Kaka is still bringing profit for Real in the marketing domain.

Meanwhile, Milan are trying to persuade the Spanish to let him return back to Italy, where he had the best performance of his career.


From dust to star,Karim Benzema

After a season that brought him very close to the transfer list, Benzema has done this summer some superb games in Real’s T-shirt. He scored six goals in six friendlies, turning in the team’s leading scorer at this time.

Karim Benzema was born on 19 December 1987. He primarily plays as a striker whose influence can extend out to the wings and is known for his technical ability, powerful style of play, and vast goal-scoring ability.

The Frenchman has scored a double in the friendly with Guangzhou, one double with Hertha Berlin and an empty one with each Leicester and LA Galaxy. The first match of the season for Real Madrid Spanish Super Cup will be on August 8, the first round of the double with their old time rivals, Barcelona.

Mourinho and company have taken a rematch after last year’s disastrous season when they lost the Champions League, managing to win only the Spanish Cup yet.

Spanish Primera will be an eye catchy this year because on the two top teams managed to squeeze a third one that got a bunch of good players and hopes to make a stand for the title. Can Malaga manage that? Or will Benzema and company stop them?


Thiago Alcántara, from outsider to star

In these times when each team was fighting for the best player, Barcelona got up from it bed before to late. Few expected that 2 months ago the Spanish-Brazilian Thiago Alcantara will reach to be a strong player in Spanish national team.

Thiago Alcántara was born in San Pietro Vernotico, Italy and grew up in Spain. His father is former Brazilian World Cup winner Mazinho. He started at the lower levels of Flamengo and at the age of 5 he moved to Spain with his father, and started playing with Galician team Ureca. He returned to Flamengo aged 10 and, in 2005, once again moved back to Spain, to play for Barcelona.

Placed on the transfer list of Barcelona, Thiago chose to sign another contract to perform under the same colors the next season.

After a series of successes in friendly games where he scored 4 goals for the Catalans, Thiago will be called by Vicente del Bosque to play for Spain’s team in the friendly game with Italy.

The match will take place on August 10 in Bari, while Del Bosque said: “I cannot get over the good form of Thiago! I’ll call him to perform for the big team” after he went through all representative lots of Spain.


Thierry Henry, a player for any team

A new team, same brilliant player in the person of Thierry Henry who won the first trophy on Emirates Stadium, but in the colors of New York Red Bull.

Last weekend was Thierry Henry’s time, who eventually won the first trophy on Emirates Stadium. Although he didn’t raise the cup with his colleagues from Arsenal, the player of the New York Red Bull enjoyed the friendly victory obtained at the end of the tournament on the “gunners” home stadium.

Americans have won the first match of training in England, passing just on the edge of Paris Saint-Germain with 1-0. In the second test, New York ended in a draw with Arsenal, 1-1 finishing in the first place on the Emirates Cup standings.

With a contract until 2014, Henry scored 11 goals in 18 matches in MLS this season. At the age of 33, the French striker arrived in U.S. after New York Red Bulls signed with him as a free contract player. In Europe, the ”star of the Hexagon” has evolved for AS Monaco, Juventus, Arsenal and Barcelona.

Keep with the good work Thierry Henry!