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Guardiola might replace Del Bosque

In Primera Division, the war is not only between teams. If you look closer, the main actors are the coaches, each with a hunger for good results and as much trophies as possible. The eternal war between Murinho and Guardiola is on a point where, Barca’s coach could have the edge.

Vicente Del Bosque is about to leave from the Spain national team after his contract will expire after Euro 2012. The technician does not know whether to accept or reject a proposed extension given by the Spanish football federation. Del Bosque would like to go, considering that the period of four years as coach that will end in 2012 is sufficient for his career.

The main favorite to take his place is Barcelona’s coach, Pep Guardiola. Spanish federation president Angel Maria Villar has compiled a list of some names, and Guardiola is his first choice. Barcelona coach would accept the proposal. He knows well the national team and most of the players, a thing that would make an easy task to reach Madrid.

Vicente Del Bosque is in his 60, trains the Spain national since 2008 and has had experience as principal at Real Madrid and in Turkey, at Besiktas. Last summer, he refused negotiations with Chelsea and AC Milan to continue as coach for Spain national.


Kaka is up for the task

Old stars want to shine again. The player I talk about is the Brasilian Kaka, who is tired of being just a backup for Real Madrid. He is confident that he overcome the difficult times and promises to be a major player in the new season for the Galactics.

Kaka showed his talent in the game with Zaragoza when he managed to score one of the goals, making a strong statement that he wants to continue in the same style in both the championship and Champions League.

In a few words he is grateful for the confidence that Mourinho showed regarding him: “If he didn’t wanted me, he could have told me that and start to find me another team. I know he needs me, he made me feel that throughout our collaboration”.

The Brazilian midfielder is convinced that 2012 is an important year for Real, a year in which they cannot slip the trophies through their fingers, like they did last season when Barcelona took almost everything: ” In the locker room, everyone feels that something important will happen. We want to do great things for our fans, for us and for all those who love Real Madrid. Last year we took the cup in Cibeles Square, now we hope to go there more often”.

With so motivated players, Real Madrid is going to be a hard-to-beat team in all the competition in which they are involved. Opponents, watch out!


Murinho with mind on resignation

This week, the words regarding the scandal about gesture and reactions from the last game between Real Madrid and Barcelona kept flowing. The one most affected about everything seems to be Jose Murinho, Real’s manager.

Bothered that he was no support by Real in the war with Barcelona, ​​the Portuguese manager wanted to announce his resignation. Its spokesman and the club removed rumor.

Murinho is feeling alone against all in an ugly war waged on all fronts with rivals Barcelona. The storm struck the after the scandal from the final leg of Spanish Super Cup and, especially, after the club’s position in the whole thing got in the Portuguese manager mind the idea of leaving the Spanish club.

Jose doesn’t feel supported by his bosses and got in mind the idea of leaving. He intends to announce a press conference to make his resignation public.“ is a statement by Eladio Parames, Mourinho’s spokesman.

But Murinho shows once again that he is a real player. Hours after, the same spokesman came in front and denied his first words saying that it weren’t actually Murinho’s words. So, Real still has one of the best coach on it’s bench.


Kaka, lost on Real’s bench

Time flies and stars lose their ability to shine. A star of Real Madrid is passing through the darkest period of his career. Nobody wants him on the team, but management refuses to sell it. I am talking here about an exquisite player, another Brazilian product, Kaka.

Kaka played just a third of the minutes played of Real Madrid this summer, and Mourinho has left to understand that he does not need him this season. Spanish media writes about him being “is a reserve for the reserves”, a former Golden Ball player that entered in a black hole of his career, a deep one from he is struggle to get out.

Injuries often kept him away from the field, and now he is no longer an option for the first team. But the Brazilian nightmare doesn’t stop here. Mourinho says he is free to leave, but management refuses to let him go. Real’s president names him as the second most important name from his new mandate and that Kaka is still bringing profit for Real in the marketing domain.

Meanwhile, Milan are trying to persuade the Spanish to let him return back to Italy, where he had the best performance of his career.


Murinho, angel and demon

Starting every time like a game from another galaxy, the last El Clasico brought shame on the field for both team regardless the result. The war between Real Madrid and Barcelona is well known but this year it took a wrong turn.

Real Madrid coach is destroyed after everything he did at the Nou Camp on Wednesday. Portugal has put his finger in the eye of Guardiola’s second, humiliating him and then saying he did not know who’s “Pito, Tito that!” and continued by doing signs to Messi and Alves that they smell bad.

The papers from Spain write that Mourinho complained to his family and to close ones about him, about his behaviour, telling them that he feels very bad because the image that remained after the last El Clasico it’s not one to remember.

In this scandal it’s not involved just Murinho because when is war, you have at least two opponents. So on the other side, Messi did not stop just at “shush” to Murinho in the match against Real. Barcelona star would spit at Mourinho and colleagues on the bench, every time he approached the guests bank from Madrid.