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Murinho done it again

One of the most aggressive coaches in the world, Jose Murinho, has to deal with new problems. His last actions brought him a lawsuit.

Jean-Louis Dupont, the lawyer who led the famous Bosman case in 1995, will defend Jose Mourinho, which wants to escape from all of the sanctions imposed by UEFA. Mourinho was suspended 5 games after the statements made at the end of the match at Camp Nou in the Champions League semifinals.

Mourinho will be presented tomorrow in front of the board of the UEFA in Nyon: “For me there is something very important. I want to go tomorrow in Madrid until the time that I can do training with my team. I don’t want to lose a whole day for this.” said Real’s coach.

Dupont revolutionized modern football, when Bosman, a former modest player of RFC Standard Liege, who in 1995 won a trial that lasted five years, at the end of which, any players could transfer freely, free from the end of the contract within the EU.

Can Dupon help Murinho with this? But this thing is handmade with JM initials on it!


New rule in by UEFA

A measure introduced by UEFA for financial fair play might exclude from Europe’s two most powerful clubs in England.
UEFA measure will come strong from 1 June, but will not apply sanctions earlier than in 2013. The clubs Chelsea and Manchester City could not comply with this rule if would be applied starting today.

Manchester City had a deficit of 110 million pounds, while Chelsea has a hole of 50 million pounds to cover. Barrier set by UEFA notifies clearly: no club is allowed to have losses of 65 million pounds in the last five years.
This decision is made to reduce the gap between super rich and teams without great financial opportunities. Basically clubs will not be allowed to spend more than they earn.

Michel Platini insisted that teams in Europe to follow the rules imposed by UEFA about the exorbitant amounts being spent on transfers. UEFA president said it would take drastic measures if the teams have recorded budget deficits and does not respect fair play required by the European Forum Financial.

Platini : “When the record deficits is of 1.2 billion euros for European football, we can say we have a serious problem. If you wonder if we dare to take action against big clubs who do not follow the rules, then the answer is yes.”


Platini, the new old FIFA boss

In the position of sole candidate for another term of four years at the head of UEFA, Michel Platini was elected today at the Continental Congress court of Paris. There was no question of a vote, while the representatives of 53 affiliated federations have appealed to the second procedure in regulation. The former French international was confirmed in office with acclaims!

It was practically Platini‘s recognition of merit, which in the first term, begun in 2007, managed to bring to an end many of the proposed projects:

– A new format of the Champions League final with optimal spread over several weeks and end on Saturday;
– Another Europe League TV rights centralized League model system that will be applied in the preliminary EC and CM (Area Europe) since 2014
– EC-final tournaments will take part in 24 teams, not 16, as before
– It persuaded to abolish the G14 clubs to join the forum and continental European Club Association
– He founded the Strategic Council, where clubs, leagues and players’ representatives are involved in decision making
– All of them belong to the idea of line judges, already in the League and Champions League.
In this new term Platini will try to introduce in this world the women. Will his efforts success?