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Tottenham -1 in UCL next week?

Gareth Bale just returned after an injury in January and was ready for the most important games of his life! This weekend, the Wales will play with England while his club team will meet Real Madrid in the Champions League quarterfinals.

Bale will return to Tottenham for treatment, but the first verdict of the doctors is not encouraging for him. It has a stretch in the thigh, which will make him sit on the bar a few weeks.

Born on 16 July 1989 in Cardiff, Gareth Frank Bale, the 21 years old left quarterback plays for Tottenham Spurs since 2007 till now.

This injury is a great lost for Tottenham if a recovery won’t be possible. Not to point that they are playing against Real Madrid, a desperate team after results and with a coach that has its place threaten if he doesn’t come up with trophies.

How will change this fact the game parcour? Keep in touch!


Milan out!

A game with a lot of expectations for Milan turned them from favorites to losers. With confidence and great names on their side, the Italians took it like an easy job, enter – play – victory.

Straight from the beginning, the Rossoneri started to attack in waves Spurs ground, hit after hit, with the hope in mind to find a breach in their defensive.

Led by Seedorf, the Italian army struggled to succeed in its conquest but without any luck on their side.
Robinho tried the pitch with a few hits but nothing passed through Tottenham’s “Chinese Wall”
A game that was sure to provide spectacle, done exact the opposite.

The second period was a little bit more agitated, a rain of occasions on both sides and yet, the goal was nowhere to be seen.
The game ended in tears for some of the Milan players, unsuccess of qualifying in the next round of UEFA Champions League, place took by Tottenham Hotspur.